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Razak Kojo Opoku Encourages Ghanaians To  Celebrate Their  Mothers



Without the womb and egg of our Mothers, the sperms of our fathers shall become useless.

God has proven with the birth of Jesus Christ that he can sustain procreation through the womb of women without the sperms of men. Jesus Christ was born without sperms from Joseph.

Our 1st earthly food is taken through the breastmilk of our Mothers.

Our first blood covenant is made through the attachment of the umbilical cord to the placenta of our Mothers. And the 2nd blood covenant with our mothers is through the 6 months to almost 2 years breastfeeding, sucking the blood out of our mothers breast.

Because of you, the nakedness of your mother was publicly exposed to Medical Doctors, nurses/midwives and strangers.

Respect, Cherish, love and properly take care of your mother even if she is a witch, mad etc. She had every choice to block your entry into this world. Don’t let anybody separate you from your mother.

The curse and blessing of a mother is superior to that of a father.

So many children will come out of the body of women yet your father still expects her to look good and sexy. Imagine if babies are delivered through the tiny opening of the penis? What would have been the state of the penis of our fathers?

Women are so special in the scheme of nature and procreation that is why they are always the primary target of Satan and his kingdom.

Let’s always pray and intercede for our women who are weaker vessels yet the powerhouse of we the men.

Happy Mother’s Day to all responsible women across the world.

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