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Rebranding for national acceptance ahead of 2024:Razak Kojo Poku writes




Moving forward, must:
1. NPP continue to present Southern Christian/Northern Muslim ticket?

2. NPP change the narrative and present Northern Muslim/Southern Christian ticket to boost the confidence and acceptance of other minority tribes in the Country?

3. NPP continue the tradition of Akan/Non-Akan ticket since the formation of NPP?

4. NPP change the narrative and present Non-Akan/Akan ticket for the first time in history to make a bold statement to Ghanaians that there is hope for everyone in the Party irrespective of your tribal or religious background?

5. NPP continue to maintain the tradition of joining queue or change the narrative by endorsing Current Relevance & unquestionable loyalty over mere Longevity in the Party?

6. NPP maintain the tradition of “Yenim No fri Tete” or change the narrative to Meritocracy and Consistent Commitment to the course and growth of the Party?

The flagbearership in 2022/2023 would be largely base on performance in Government, current relevance and total commitment to the interest of Party’s Grassroots/Footsoldiers and Delegates.

For now, let’s channel all our energies to support, protect and defend the next Government of NPP under Nana Akufo-Addo. The performance of Akufo-Addo’s Government will determine the success or failure of the Party in 2024.

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