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Reject Tribal And Religious Bigots Ahead Of Elections-NPP Delegates Told

Hon Musah Superior, former Mayor for Tamale has admonished NPP delegates and supporters to vote for preferred candidates on the lines of qualities in the upcoming internal elections.
Yesterday the NEC issued a detailed time table on the polling station, constituency, regional and national elections scheduled to commence on 19th February.
Ahead of the much awaited elections, Hon Musah Superior-General Secretary Hopeful is saying that the situation where voting is premised on ones ethnicity and religion must be shunned by all especially party delegates.
In a meeting with Sanerigu constituency executives of Tamale North, he stated that “using tribe, religion and ethnicity as campaign tools are totally unacceptable and divisive and persons campaigning on that formula should not be considered serious and fit to lead the party.”
The maverick politician added that persuasive and deceptive campaign statements premised on the above-mentioned should not be entertain in anyway.
He told delegates and executives of the area to give him their support to man the secretarial affairs of the NPP so as to make it ready for 2024 general election, insofar the victory of NPP.
Musah Superior said they should tip him for the position not because he is a Northerner or a Muslim “but because I am competent, accessible, bold and assertive.
His meeting with the executives of Sagnerigu was held on Friday.
The motive was to spell out and outline his vision to them and to also call in them to vote for him to champion the course of NPP.

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