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Religious bodies urged to live within the teachings of the gospel

Religious bodies have been urged to live within the teachings of the gospel to make the society a better p lace.
Mr Joseph Kwame Anane, who described himself as the Messenger of God and a Ghanaian ,based in the United States of America  visited  the country to spread the gospel to deliver the country from the satanic spirit and powers.
According to him, the lifestyle most Ghanaians especially Christian and Muslims is that the Christians believes in Jesus Christ as the saviour but practising contrary to his teachings while Muslim who did not believe Jesus Christ as their saviour lives in accordance to his words and commandments in the Bible.
He took the opportunity and advice Christians to repent by living within the teaches of Christ in the Bible while urges the Muslims to believe in Jesus Christ as their saviour and continue living in the teaching of the gospel.
He disclosed that, living righteous lives devoid of extortion, cheating and worshiping the evil spirit is the only way God hands would be on the country.
He entreated the government to ensure that the oil is refine in the country because until the country’s oil is refine within the country we can not experience total development as expected
He  urged the general public to assist security with information to fight against criminals activities to safe lives and properties.
He stated that, the security alone can not fight criminal activities in our communities alone with the support of the civilians through accurate and timely information delivery.
Mr Anane, also urged the security especially police to desist from exposing the identity of their informant to escalates and put their lives on the line of danger or threat.

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