Resettlement lands secured for Akosombo Dam spillage victims – Volta Regional Minister



The Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa, has disclosed that the government’s inter-ministerial committee, tasked with addressing the recent Akosombo dam spillage disaster in the Lower Volta basin, has identified suitable lands for the resettlement of displaced residents in the affected communities.

Life became exceedingly difficult for thousands of locals, particularly children and the elderly, in the three Tongu districts of the region as a result of the disaster. Some benevolent institutions and organizations, including CitiTV/CitiFM, have been donating relief items to help displaced residents affected by the spillage.

Over 30,000 individuals have been displaced, currently seeking refuge in public schools, migrating to nearby communities, or staying with relatives and friends.

Homes, schools, businesses, farms, and shops remained submerged for over a month, with the floodwaters only recently receding in the affected communities.

Numerous affected residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the Volta River Authority (VRA) and the government’s perceived delay in resettling them promptly.

Addressing the press in Ho on Thursday (28 December), Minister Letsa stated that the government has concluded the resettlement proceedings, with specific lands allocated in the Mepe and New-Bakpa areas for development.

“We’ve identified some places in New Bakpa and some places in Mepe for the resettlement,” the minister confirmed.

He further mentioned that international bodies and non-governmental organizations are collaborating with the government to realize the resettlement project.

“We’re receiving support from the United Nations and other organizations, including the private sector, the construction sector, and other organizations that are assisting us.”

The education of children in the affected communities suffered significantly. However, Letsa assured that the government has addressed educational challenges, stating, “almost all the children are back in school.”

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