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Resource assembly members to work for better Ghana – Potrikrom Assembly Woman



Hon. Christina Owireduwaa, Assembly Woman for Potrikrom electoral area and NPP women organizer for Ahafo Ano south East Constituency has called on Government to resource Assembly members to work for better Ghana.

Speaking with Kwabena Frimpong Manso (KFM) on “SE ASA Show” monitored on ODO TV, she stressed Assembly members stays with the people and they deal direct to them than any other government appointee but they are not well resource to work at their electoral area.

“I will appeal to the government and authorities to lift up state of assembly members, specially those at rural areas because they deal directly with the people. Everyone run to the Assembly member before any other appointee anytime there is an issue but unfortunately the Assembly members are not resource to deal with the situation.

Commenting on her vision as assembly member, she revealed schools at her electoral area will lift to modern one’s and it’s achievable before her term ends.

“My big challenge is a death trap gutter that is posing treat to residents of my area and I call on authorities to come to my aid.” She disclosed.

Hon. Owireduwaa who aspires to become Presiding Member (PM) for Ahafo Ano south East District called on assembly members to remember to vote for her coming Tuesday 9th August, 2022 to lift status of Assembly members in the district and Ghana at large.

According to her, resident’s in her district irrespective of political affiliation are to benefit from training in soap making, detergents, yougout and many others to boost the economy and reduce unemployment in the district.

Hon. Owireduwaa urged Ghanaians to do their best for national development without relying on others.

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