Return the bloody food items you took from Israeli Ambassador -Coordinator for Zongo and inner -City Secretariat told



Umar Harris , President for Association of Progressive Muslim – Ghana has advised the coordinator for Zongo and Inner City Secretariat to as a matter of urgency return what he described as bloody food items he took from the ambassador of Israel to Ghana.

In a press statement copied to broadcastergh.com today he deduced that,the Coordinator for the Zongo And Inner-city Secretariat ,Alhaji Ben Abdallah Banda sadly received food items from the Israeli Ambassador, H.E Shlomit Sufa to Ghana. This in their wisdom constitute a grave height of religious sacrilege!

He questioned that,has the secretariat lost the vision and wisdom to strike a dichotomy between HALAL and HARRAM?,

“The Zongo and Inner city Coordinator who is a Muslim has gone to take some bloody food items from the Israeli Ambassador purportedly for Muslims towards the Eid Fitr. How could he stoop so low as to succumb to the bait of the Zionist state of Israel, giving them the opportunity to cover up their enmity against Islam when you are a Muslim yourself?

Alhaji Banda’s acceptance of the Israeli gesture indicates his lack of compassion for the war crime Isreal is perpetrating against Palestinians and he careless about the plight of our fellow Muslims under Israeli atrocities in Gaza and other Palestinian occupied territories.

Hon. Alhaji. Banda, should please in the name of Allah send those bloody gifts back to the Israeli Ambassador and tell her that we have more than we must need any handout from the wicked. We cannot be that inconsistent when we are aware of the inhuman treatment they’re unleashing on the innocent people of Palestine on a daily basis since time immemorial. If they have any compassion for Muslims, they should show it to those at their doorstep who need it more, thousand of women and innocent children are dying everyday.

We don’t want any gift from Israel. Return the junk products and tell them Muslims in Ghana are not betrayers and a Muslim is a Muslim’s brother, regardless of colour, tribe or origin

The best gift Isreal can give Ghana and Muslims is to give peace a chance to rain and end the killing in Gaza.” He maintained

Umar Harris
Association of progressive Muslim – Ghana

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