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Rot at Health Ministry; Director of Human Resource cited for extortions, recommending appointment for unqualified persons.



Intelligence and credible investigations conducted by this online portal revealed that there is a Rot at the Health Ministry which government should as a matter of urgency institute and launch an independent investigation body to apply the needed sanctions if found culpable.
Dr Kwesi Asabir, was transferred from the Health Training Institutions at the Ministry of Health to become the HR Director and after assumption of office instead of giving the position he was occupying as the head of health training institutions to a most qualified person who have passed through the ranks to be able to effectively steer affairs, he rather recommended for the appointment a lady by name Rebecca Akweley whom was transferred from the Dodowa Government Hospital also a closest friend to him Dr Kwesi Asabir’s wife to the position of HR manager who is a fresh worker of the health training institutions and has not pass through the needed ranks which is required.
With a year per investigations conducted by this paper, Dr Kwesi Asabir has promoted Rebecca Akweley from the HR manager straight to Deputy Director instead of her rising to the level of Senior and Principal before Deputy Director.
Thorough checks further revealed after investigations conducted hinted that Dr Asabir does not have any HR background and qualification to his current position at the Health Ministry.
Another shocking revelations available to this paper has it that Dr Kwesi Asabir, has been involving himself in extortion of monies ranging from fifty thousand GH cedis and above from newly principals of health training institutions before endorsing for their appointment to be able to take office which calls for urgent independent investigation body to apply the relevant sanctions.

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