Sarki Alhaji Muftawu Celebrates 30th Anniversary As Bissa Chief of Moshie Zongo



The Sarki Alhaji Muftawu and the Bissa fraternity on Sunday celebrated the 30th anniversary of Sarki Alhaji Muftawu Alhassan as Moshie-Zongo Bisa chief.

Members of the Sarki Alhaji Muftawu family, Chiefs of other tribes, government officials, political parties, diplomats and other dignitaries gathered at the Yannyawoso M/A Primary School Football Pitch for a colourful Durbar to mark a Three decade of exemplary leadership to the Bisa people.

Poetries were recited, family appellations reechoed mellifluously and groundnut beads rattled on dancing feets in his honour as men and women in their thousands hailed.

The Chief was accompanied by more than 100 of members of his family, including the Bisa Chief of Ashanti Region Chir Osman Salifu Tanko Yamboni , who had arrived in the moshie Zongo some hours before the program.

He had also released a peace message to Bissas and Ghanaians at large as the country heads to the polls on December 7th. 2024

But much of it was seen on Sunday when he presided over a great program that created an atmosphere of unity among ethnic groups and people from all political divides.

The day was also used to officially Installation of Bisa chief and Enskinment of Bisa sub chief.

The event themed: “Empowering the Bisa youth for Development ; the role Bisa chair in moshie Zongo” also saw the presence of some political party representatives as the country heads to the polls on next year December 7th. 2024,

It was a day marked with pomp and merry as the Chief got mobbed by his people, majority of whom were clad in specialised anniversary cloth.

The day saw live performances of both traditional and contemporary Bissa music as headline performances from Star Girl who brought their talents to bare to the crowd’s enthusiastic support as the big men went rapt in a deafening moments of knees-up.

It came as one of the most important events to be commemorated by Bissas in the year 2023,

His leadership style has been hailed by many for being a focal point that saw the expansion and influence of the Bissa fraternity across the Ashanti.


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