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Sefwi Prophet provides free education, free food for children


Prophet Kwame Moses Nyankopon, leader of the ”Yesu Wo Tumi” Prayer Camp in Sefwi Debiso, a community within the Bia-West District of the Western North Region has set up a school to educate children who are brought there for prayer and those who accompany their parents to the center.

The Prophet has also been providing education freely to children in the community as well as other adjoining towns.

Speaking to this reporter after a tour of the place over the weekend, Prophet Onyankopon said he currently takes care of about 560 children.

‘’These children are in the Primary and Junior High school levels as well as those starting from the crèche and kindergarten levels. They attend school for free and I also ensure that they are provided with free but nutritious foods in the morning and afternoon’’, the Prophet stated.

The Prophet said he believes in education since that provides better opportunities for one to get knowledge and apply the same to work or engage in any form of trade.

He noted that apart from knowing God, the next most important thing is to get education, the Prophet stated.

The praying prophet disclosed that when children are educated early in life they form good attitudes and this transforms them to become useful persons in the future.

‘’This school has been in existence for a long time with some completing the JHS here and going on to the university level  with some completing same’’, Prophet Nyankopon stressed.

Obenefo Asane II, Nifahene of Sefwi Debiso Traditional Area told this reporter during a visit to the prayer camp that he was happy with what the Prophet was doing in the community.

He noted that it was encouraging that apart from feeding patrons freely and praying for them, the Prophet had also set up a school to educate children for free.

The Nifahene commended Prophet Nyankopon for displaying a generous attitude and asked other preachers to emulate him.

‘’Your kind is rare and for you to feed people and give them education aside the tough work of praying for them shows that you are considerate and caring and we at the traditional council will offer you every support you need to succeed’’, the Nifahene stated.



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