Sekondi Constituency:Ngyinamoabakam Toilet Project Struggles



Ngyinamoabakam,a community near Nkontompo in the Sekondi Constituency in the Western Region is struggling very hard to see completion.

This community, “Ngyinamoabakam,” has been denied a convenient place, i.e. a toilet facility for three years since their previous structure was demolished.

As a result, the seashore has become the only option for them to use for convenience in this 21st century .

The shocking revelation is the newly work-in-progress toilet facility, which commenced three (3) years ago hasn’t come anywhere near completion.

The structure has been left to rot for more than 3 years.

This devastating state of the people of Ngyinamoabakam seems to be of no interest to the incumbent NPP MP, Hon. Mercer, to whom these people look forward to voting for in order to bring development and improve their socioeconomic welfare, but he seems to have forgotten about their needs.

The indigenes of Ngyinamoabakam have made a passionate appeal to Lawyer Armah Nyamekey Blay, the Parliamentary Candidate for NDC in the Sekondi Constituency to see to the completion of the already started project.


The said lawyer drove to the place to have a better view of the 3-year-abandoned toilet project, and it was a sorrowful and sad experience.

In response, he promised the people to help complete the abandoned project in a short time.

A few days after his visit to the place, the NPP officials, sent by Hon. Mercer, went to clear the bushes and the manhole, which has become a habitat for mosquitoes and other reptiles. The residents were happy, thinking the project would soon see the light, not knowing it was just another con tactic.

This condescending attitude is unbecoming of an MP who doubles as a deputy Minister. The insensitivity of the NPP government has reached its peak, and their only interest seems to be their own pockets, rather than the people they represent.

Sekondi, as a Constituency, seems to be enslaved under 27 years of NPP leadership; what a tragedy.

Lawyer Armah Blay has given his word to the people of Ngyinamoabakam, and he promises to deliver. He has given the incumbent MP, Hon. Mercer, an ultimatum to commence the project before 31 July 2023, and by that time, he (Lawyer Blay) will mobilize resources for the community to complete the toilet facility.

There is an urgent need for the people of Ngyinamoabakam to get this toilet facility completed and in use.

Lawyer Nyamakey Armah Blay is truly committed to this project, and it is his heartfelt desire to get it completed before the year ends.

The hope of Sekondi lies in Lawyer Armah Blay prioritizing the interests and welfare of the Sekondi constituents above everything else.

Sekondi will work again under his watch as MP. The days of misery and deprivation of opportunities will be over, and the days of hopelessness will be a thing of the past. The future of Sekondi is safe with Lawyer Armah Nyamekey Blay.

Let us all come together and support the cause of Sekondi’s development. Sekondi has been denied a lot, and it’s time to take our destiny into our own hands. Let’s break free from the enslavement of the NPP government.

By: Abraham Dadzie

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