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Sekyere Afram Plains DCE Under Fire For Neglecting  Projects Of Predecessor

Concern citizens of Sekyere Afram Plains District of the Ashanti Region, has called on  the President of the republic,Nana Addo Dankwah  Akufo Addo  to as a matter of urgency sack the DCE of the area for neglecting physical developmental projects started by his Predecessor,Donkor Fuseni ,when NDC was in power.
 Hon. Joseph Owusu, aka Odenkyem(DCE at large) was described by the afformentioned group as a total failure who lacks credibility and cannot even manage a single room container shop let alone a district capital which is full of competent people,well educated and above all critical thinkers.
Speaking to the leader of the group,Mr.Boakye Yiadom indicated that,the district is not ready to accept him(Odenkyem) as their DCE should the president make mistake and reappoint him.
According to him,the most painful aspect of his statement is the DCE’s inability to continue the beautiful projects which were started by the NDC government.
According to him , Sekyere Afram Plains district was enjoying developmental projects under NDC and thinking it would continue when NDC lost power in 2016 because government is a continuous process but the currently DCE had since 2017 abandoned the already existed project to rot .
“Our  DCE, Hon Joseph Owusu has worsened the plight of the concern citizens in the district “.He stressed
Mr Boakye Yiadom ,President  of the group outlining abandoned projects by the NPP DCE mentioned  the only Community day SHS in the district, DCE Bungalow  and Administration Block for the district.
 Aside that, there’s no hospital and a single oilet facility in the district capital which has resulted in open defecation.
In addition  ,the road network is purely bad.
These and other equally important setbacks of the district have compelled the group to appeal to President Nana Addo to appoint a competent person to head the district for the betterment of it’s members.
Mr .Wisdom Bure, secretary to the group was much worried about  the left to rot projects in the district. Foster

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