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Ghana is being  badly ruled and managed under Nana Addo-CDG-GH

The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH) in her research can conclude that the second term  of Akufo Addo, which is starting with 2021 budget,  full of manipulations, brazen lies and deception will be a continuation of the old planned Occupy Ghana strategy of the first term.Dr.E K Hayford , Executive Director,CDG-GH has said.
According to him,before 2017, Ghana stood at a cross road, seeking to establish its socio-political identity and to chart a sustainable path for socioeconomic development and social progress.  In spite of hard won  successes of our forefathers, our country is now languishing in pervasive corruption scandals, with the economy, still struggling through incurable hic-cups, which provoked the resignation of Martin Amidu (Special Prosecutor) and the termination of the appointment of Daniel Domelevo (Auditor General). Nana Addo is now the architect of corruption, an accolade he won over the last four years, as he diluted our hard won Democratic credentials,  with Conservative Dictatorship.
Occupy Ghana
In 2017, the Democratic governance process was replaced overnight with the system “Occupy Ghana” where family, friends, relative and party stalwarts coagulated to rule.  Akufo Addo went on to collapse traditional pillars of democratic governance as established under the constitution. In his attempt to consolidate his hold on power, he flooded all positions within the Police, Army, Judiciary, Legislature and the Executive arms of government with his relatives, clan members and friends. He politicized the Media, Public Service, Electoral Commission and many civil organizations to cement his self centered egoistic interest. By so doing, he reduced Democratic governance into abject dictatorship. Where his cabals are exposed or found corrupt, he clears them of any wrong doing; instead of sacking them. By this art, his State Capture was complete.
All that could not help him ; the people voted against him and so he lost majority in Parliament ; resulting in a controversial election result, and a controversial budget, that lacks merit and credibility A budget that does not seek the interest of the country and its people. A budget full of financial engineering that seeks to obliterate figures and manipulate the people.
Indeed the next four years is bound to be a period of severe hardship, characterized by corruption, deceit and lies in government circles; during which Ghanaians have nothing to expect but suffering and unemployment, while the corrupt rich clan members explode in wealth.
The national debt has grown to 367.1 billion (291.6 billion ?? ). Out of this amount, Akufo Addo borrowed 162.5 billion ghc in his first four years. Late Presidents Rawlings, Kufuor, late Atta Mills and John Mahama, borrowed 220 billion ghc in  24 years. Averagely each borrowed  36.7 billion ghc  in four years. 36.7 billion ghc  in 4 years compared to 162.5 billion ghc  in 4 years by Nana Addo with nothing to show is hard to comprehend. We are in difficult times and Ghanaians are the best judges. Foster

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