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Sekyere Kumawu Constituency Delegates  Elections Still On Hold



A letter from the NPP National Director of Research and Elections to the Chairperson, Constituency Election Committee, Kumawu Constituency has suggested no voting right for the 11 polling stations and 25 Electoral Area Coordinators where elections have not been conducted.
The letter was issued on 30/04/2022 and was signed by Evans Nimako, Director, Research and Elections.
The letter has it that,”I write on the Authority of the National party to direct that there are no delegates from the 11 polling stations where elections were not conducted .
The polling stations were:
1.Presby Primary School,Akrokyere F361101
2.Old Gyidi mission, Kumawu-F361203
3.Benevolent Islamic school, F361204
4.Papaase Kumawu 1.,F 361301
5.Papaase Kumawu 2.F361303
6.Yaadwaso Kumawu ,F361304
7.SDA Primary School-New Gyidi,F361386
8.Methodist primary school,Pepease 1.F361401
9.Methodist primary school Pepease 2.F361402
10.L/A Primary school,WonooWonoo,F361602 and
11.Liberation centre Kumawu,F361303.
Again,the Electoral Area Coordinators Elections for the 25 Electoral Areas have not been done.
Therefore,in the conduct of the Constituency Delegates’ conference,the electoral commission will not admit delegates from all the electoral areas in the Kumawu Constituency.
The National party arrived at this decision following a petition received.
Accordingly,the party,by this statement,directs the Regional Party and Kumawu Constituency Elections Committee complies ahead of the Constituency Annual Delegates Conference.”
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