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She Will Never Stop Thinking About You If You Do These 3 Things


Women are kind of proud sometimes because they think every man wants them. They think they are attractive to men. That is why they can quit relationships anytime they want because they know they have a long list of men they know. Women are very smart when it comes to relationships. They know how to survive, hide things or cheat without getting caught. You can see a lady who has multiple boyfriends. Women just love to taste and jump from one man to another.



If you are that kind of guy who has come across these types of women or you can’t stop thinking about women who break your heart, then I will say this article is for you. I’m going to let you know how you will make her think about you after what she did. She is going to be thinking every day about why she left precious things like you. She will regret it.

1. Ignore her.

Don’t chat or call her after she’s made up her mind to leave you. With this, she is going to be thinking and embarrassed about why you didn’t react or call her to even know why she broke up with you. She will even question herself whether she isn’t beautiful. Maybe even men are praising her and telling her she is beautiful. But ignoring her will make her think of her beauty. Women love men to chase them so that they can feel proud. So if you don’t ignore her and you keep on trying to reach her, she will definitely feel proud. But if you ignore her, you are going to put her through a lot. She will be thinking day in and day out about why you ignored her.

2. Find a woman who is beautiful than her

Women are jealous of men. They are naturally jealous. If she finds out that you have another girlfriend shortly after she leaves, and she even finds out that your new girlfriend is more beautiful and curvaceous than she, I bet you she will never stop thinking about that. She is going to be jealous and regret leaving you. The image of your new girlfriend will always be in her head non-stop.

3. Give her a large sum of cash or do something special for her.

I know most of you might not agree with me. But if you see her off with a huge sum of money, she will never stop thinking of you. Because she will wish to come back to you because of the money her eyes have seen. And if you don’t have any money, you can do something special for her before she leaves. I bet you it will be in her memory forever. Anytime she sits down alone, that thing special that you did will always come into her head.


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