Shocking reason behind Black Sherif’s arrest at KIA revealed



In a surprising turn of events, Ghanaian MUSIC sensation and ‘2nd Sermon’ hitmaker, Black Sherif, found himself in the headlines for an unexpected reason – his arrest and detainment by the Ghana Police Service.

The news spread like wildfire across the internet, leaving fans and industry insiders curious about the circumstances surrounding the talented artist’s apprehension.

As the dust has settled, Ghanaian entertainment analyst and critic, Olele Salvador, has shed light on the matter, revealing a cruise contract dispute as the cause of Black Sherif’s legal troubles.

In a tweet, he delved into the details of the situation and explored the key factors contributing to the unfortunate turn of events.

The Cruise Contract Dispute
Grid of Black-Sherif at different locations
According to reports from Olele Salvador’s Twitter timeline, a cruise ship music event expressed keen interest in booking Black Sherif for a performance.

The cruise company initiated negotiations with the singer’s management and an agreement was reached, resulting in an initial deposit of $20,000.

However, a significant point of contention emerged when the cruise organizers demanded promotional videos for a press launch.

Surprisingly, the requirement for these videos was not outlined in the original contract.

This disagreement led to tensions, with the cruise organizers threatening to cancel the contract unless the requested videos were provided.

In response to the mounting pressure, Black Sherif’s agents opted to refund the initial $20,000 deposit to avoid contractual breach allegations.

Nevertheless, the cruise company insisted on being reimbursed a sum of $50,000 instead of the original deposit, escalating the dispute further.

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Black Sherif Arrest and Investigation:
As the situation spiralled out of control, Black Sherif returned from a successful European tour only to be met with unexpected legal troubles.

The Ghana Police Service apprehended the talented artist at the airport to assist in the investigation of the cruise contract dispute.

Clarifying the Artist’s Commitment:
It is essential to highlight that Black Sherif’s arrest does not appear to be related to any commitment or professional obligations on the artist’s part.

Instead, the dispute revolves around disagreements between the cruise organizers and the talent agency representing Black Sherif.

Resolution Efforts:
Amidst the ongoing investigation, lawyers representing Black Sherif are diligently working to find an amicable resolution to the contract dispute.

Both parties are likely to engage in discussions to find common ground and reach a resolution that will protect the interests of all involved.

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