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Signs Of Syphilis In Infected Men And Women


The rate at which STDs are spreading in our society will be reduced if people will be more willing to learn about these diseases. One example of an STD ravaging our society is Syphilis. Syphilis causes sores on the body of infected persons and the bacteria can enter your body through small cuts on the skin during intercourse

Infected women who do not get diagnosed during pregnancy end up passing this deadly disease to their newborn babies. Coming in contact with an infected sore after treatment can get you reinfected. There are certain signs you will observe if you’re infected with syphilis as the disease passes through stages according to Mayo Clinic

1. Primary syphilisThis comes with the first sign called a chancre, a small boil that appears 3 weeks after exposure at the point at which the bacteria entered the body. You might not notice your chancre because it is often painless, may be hidden within the vagina or rectum, and disappears within 3 to 6 weeks on its own.

2. Secondary syphilis

After chancre heals, secondary syphilis sets in. A rash starts from your trunk and covers your entire body including your palms and the soles of your feet. The rash is not often itchy and it could be accompanied by sore throat, and sores on the private part or mouth. Some persons also experience hair loss, fever, sore throat, or muscle aches.

3. Latent syphilis

This occurs after the secondary signs have disappeared on their own. If you still don’t treat yourself, the latent stage sets in. It can last up to years, the disease might not show signs and may progress to the tertiary stage.

4. Tertiary syphilis

This stage is the late stage and about 15% to 30% of infected people who do not get treatment will have this. The disease damaged the heart, blood vessels, liver, bones, joints, etc

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