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Six Things Men Think Impress Ladies But Actually Do Not


Men have this preconceived notion about what women want, but they fail to realize that times have changed. Women are more intuitive and are starting to need more than just superficial things from a man. So what makes a man attractive? You could say his looks, his social status or even his bank account, but those are just temporary attributes that have no permanent life span. These days, those things don’t hold much importance. Unfortunately for men, the things that they thought could impress women are now merely signs of frivolity and materialism that women want nothing to do with. In this particular article, we shall discuss about six things that don’t really impress women anymore.

Money. For a gold-digger desperate for a shiny hand-out, money will never fail to impress. For a woman who can hold her own and survive without a man, money is useless. If you have money, she will acknowledge that fact and move on to what matters most your character. Having money can actually be a downside if you can’t show her that you are responsible about dividing your time between making money and having a relationship.

Muscles. I’m impressed by a man’s drive to commit to a healthy and fit lifestyle for the good of his own well-being, but lifting weights just to impress a girl is basically the same as going on a diet to impress a guy. I can never be proud of either of those. It’s sad how you have to model your image into something that you think another person likes. Muscles are nice to look at, but that’s all there is to it. A girl will like what she sees, but you have to talk to her and spend time with her. I doubt your muscles would be able to contribute much to the relationship then.

Footwear. The only ones who are impressed with men’s footwear are men. Women do not want to be involved in the trappings of the Shoe Game or the Sneaker head community. If you look good from top to bottom, that’s good enough for women. Women do not need to know the price of your shoes, nor do they need to know who wore them last. women are more interested in their own shoes.


Popularity. Let’s face it. We are not in high school. Women are not attention-seeking children who want to date the most noticeable man in the crowd. They want your attention, not the other way around. Using your popularity to get women seems a bit childish, not to mention vapid. Your motives might even be questioned due to your approach. If a woman does admire you because of your social status, then maybe you’re the one who’s on the losing end.

Hair. Men take great pride in their hair and this includes facial hair. There are those who take great pains to make their mane look good, while some are blessed with perpetually sexy bed head. Some don’t care at all, but those who care too much tend to think that it’s the only thing that women care about. Appearances are important in certain situations, but you hair will not carry you through any endeavor. A woman will appreciate your attention to detail, but she will hardly notice your hair if she’s engaged in a great conversation with a guy she genuinely likes.

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