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Special Prosecutor Begins Probe Into Adu Boahen Scandal


The more information you have about sex, the better. Your stamina and appetite change with age.



Your sex drive may decline, which can affect the frequency and pattern of your passionate interactions with your partner.

Try to regain your sex drive if you have sexual health problems like vaginal dryness, joint pain, low sex drive etc. spoil your fun.

To maintain general health, experts have emphasized the importance of following a proper exercise regimen and eating a balanced diet.


It can also improve libido and sexual stamina. To keep your sex life enjoyable, you can also try consuming foods and drinks that increase libido.

Here are 4 drinks to boost your sex life

Green tea

Green tea can increase your desire for sexual activity in addition to being a wonder beverage for weight loss. It contains potent substances called catechins that encourage blood flow to your genitalia. That contributes to boosting sex desire.

Red wine

Wine can increase sexual arousal in both men and women, according to research. In fact, if you like it, drinking two glasses of red wine will increase a woman’s desire for sex. Red wine can raise testosterone levels in men.

However, it’s crucial to exercise moderation.

Fruit shake

This combination can boost your sex drive in addition to giving your body more physical strength. Experts claim that the bromelain enzyme found in bananas boosts male libido and testosterone. Don’t hesitate to include this in your daily diet if you want to treat low libido.


As we all know, coffee improves mood. Coffee, which contains a lot of caffeine, is thought to help both men and women feel more sexy.

Men who regularly drank coffee had a lower risk of erectile dysfunction, according to research.

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