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Stop Indulging in Sex Positions That Affect Your Spine… Dr Warns


Dr. Augustus Addo Larbi, a spine expert, has advised both married couples and sex partners to avoid engaging in any sexual positions that could harm their spines.


Both men and women have been advised by professionals to put their health before their enjoyment of sexual activity.


Speaking at the Counselor Goerge Lutterodt-hosted Orgasmic Conference in 2022, he enumerated the negative effects that certain sex positions can have on both sexes’ spines.


“Don’t hold a position if it causes pain in your waist or any other area after trying it.” Just stop when your wife starts complaining of pain, because you could harm her spine. Simply stop in such situations, Dr. Addo Larbi suggested, because this will have an impact.


He urged couples to investigate new sexual positions that can spice up their lovemaking while speaking at the conference as well.


As we are discussing these positions, you need to keep in mind that your spine affects sexuality since it is really significant. You cannot function efficiently in bed if you have a waist problem. Men who work long hours in particular often find that they cannot please their wives when they return home. “There is only one position,” he said in the video.

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