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Stop Paying Electricity Bills Until ECG-PDS Stinking Deal Abrogated-Ghanaians Told

  The Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability(ASEPA), apressure group in Ghana has advised Ghanaians to boycott the payment of electricity bills to PDS and ensure that the fishy deal between ECG and PDS is solved before they start paying electricity bills.  According to the executive director of the group, Mr Mensah Thompson, they  recieve the joint Press Statement from ECG-PDS with a pinch of salt. He questioned that,  why should PDS still be in charge of revenue collection when indeed, there is enough evidence that the demand guarantee they presented for the take over was fraudulent, that they paid No shareholder or equity contribution even though they are assumed by MiDA as Equity Investors and finally have not been able to account for the GHC2.6billion revenue collected since the take over! “What plans have government put in place to secure the revenue collected by PDS so far, what measures have government put in place to ensure that when the deal is eventually abrogated after the investigations all revenues will be secured. Definitely Ghanaians cannot continue to pay bills to PDS when we are uncertain about the authority of the collection agency.”He further indicated.  He  therefore entreat Ghanaians to boycott the payment of their electricity bills in disapproval of this decision until such time that the deal is abrogated and the revenue collection authority is handed back to ECG.Source /Ayisah Foster  

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