Support women participation in local governance-Gifty Kyeremateng



Gifty Kyeremateng ,an administrator by profession and the aspiring Assembly member for Bebu-Darko electoral area in the Atwima Kwanwoma District of Ashanti region has made a passionate appeal to the electorates to use the upcoming district level elections to support women participation to promote their confidence in leadership.

Mrs. Kyeremateng make the appeal after a float in the electoral area in canvassing for votes stated that, since the creation of the constituency over 98% of members of the Assembly are males, yet have nothing to show in their respective electoral areas in terms of development.
According to her, the time is long overdue to give the women the chance into the local governance in championing their developmental needs to positively transform the fortunes of the electorates at the local level.
She disclosed that, among the four aspirants contesting to represent the people, she is the only female and did not asking for votes because she is a woman but because she believes and with the confidence that she has what it’s takes to deliver to the aspirations of the people.
The aspiring Assembly member is of the view that, most women are competent in taking leadership roles in families and at workplace or institutions, yet their participation in local governance has always been low.
She stressed that, she has what it’s takes to win the elections not because she is a woman but because the electorates in the electoral area needs someone who is aware of the problems or challenges.

She reiterated that, she is poised and ready to fight for the interest of the electorates when given her the nod to represent them at the Assembly, and would ensure that they get their fair share of the Assembly cake through a transparency and accountable administration.

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