Tetelestai hitmaker releases new song titled ‘Judgement’



Tetelestai hitmaker,Bra Paul is out again with a new hit song titled’ Judgement’.

According to the highlife hitmaker,the song is composed to give advice to the general public against backbiting and other things that thwart the development of the Nation.

The song is based on the quotation ‘
Exodus 20:16 which reads “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor.”

Bra Paul was of the view that people have been too judgemental on their neighbors which he thinks is not the best.

He revealed that the activities of these people have denied others the opportunity to get closer to their destiny fathers and has rendered them into abject poverty.

The character of backbiting and pull him down syndrome ,Bra Paul described is a hindrance to Ghana as a Nation.

The activities of backbiters in the Country he said doesn’t bring development but only create hatred and anger and must be eschewed hence the tittle of his new song ‘Judgement’.

The former gospel musician is hereby advising everyone to mind their own business and stop speaking ill about others.

Speaking to broadcastergh.com
in an interview today Mr Paul Addai (Bra Paul) is not happy about the foregoing character happening in Ghana as a developing Country.

He’s however appealing to everyone in the world to listen to his latest song for transformation.

His latest single titled ‘Judgement’ can be accessed on all download platforms.

Follow him on Facebook @ Bra Paul Miniseries and on IG @BraPaul8.

Source:Broadcastergh.com/Ayisah Foster

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