Those calling Cecilia Dapaah a thief lack intellectual insight -Mr Logic



Artiste Manager/ Entertainment critic, Mr Logic has come to the defense of former Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, Madam Cecilia Dapaah describing her critics as myopic, who are being unfair labelling her a thief.

Making a submission on UTV’s United Showbiz yesterday, July 22, Mr Logic pointed out that it was not outrageous for a person of Madam Dapaah’s caliber to have $1 million in her possession at home.

He also held that it was not out of place if she had such large sums of money because she had earned them and had not necessarily stolen from state funds as the court of public opinion is suggesting.

Mr Logic said the former minister was rather being truthful when she offered to help authorities with investigation, which has rather being misconstrued, putting her in a bad light and subsequently forcing her to resign.

“The woman is not a thief; it is her own money that people have stolen, and she wanted to be honest because she is a public official so she stepped down for investigations. I don’t see why people should think that it is outrageous for her to have that money. I see it like a bit myopic to think that way, so please I don’t support those who are saying she stole the money.

“If someone wants to save his or her money at home, whether the money is for a project or family money or something, you don’t know, then all of a sudden, all of you are tagging her as a thief. I posted that people should look for their own money and stop criticising others’ wealth, come and see insults on my page, I had to turn off the comment session.

“People desire to be impoverished rather than live good lives, so when they see others living their best life, they label them as thieves or assume they are doing something wrong,” he said.

The former minister announced her resignation from her post in a letter issued and signed on Saturday, July 22, 2023.

Her resignation follows a court case in which two of her house helps and others are standing trial for allegedly stealing $1 million, €300,000 and millions of cedis from her Ablekuma residence, courting huge public backlash.

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