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Threat on nations by violent extremists requires well-trained forces – US Army commander



Threat on nations by violent extremists requires well-trained forces – US Army commander

Commander of the US Army Southeastern Europe Task Force – Africa African Lion Exercise has indicated that the current threat on nations by violent extremist originations in the Sahel region requires well-trained forces to deal with the situation.

Major General Todd Wasmund said there are more than two dozen armed conflicts across Africa and also multiple humanitarian and peacekeeping missions across the continent reason why it’s important.

Major General Todd Wasmund said this at the closing of the African Lion Exercise in Daboya in the Savannah Region.

He said African Lion improves the collective ability of nations to confront an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable world adding that as military and civilian leaders in their respective countries, it is their duty to ensure they are prepared to act together to address these challenges.

“While we may represent different countries…we all share a common aspiration…security, stability, and prosperity for our nations, our families, and our loved ones,” Major Wasmund said.

He said in Ghana they conducted joint and combined training in operational planning, small unit tactics, medical engagements, and civil-military humanitarian actions.

The Major said each activity has enhanced their interoperability, readiness, and relationships the cornerstone of this exercise is relationship-building. ​

“In today’s world, no nation can face security challenges alone and African Lion has shown that we are truly stronger together and that our strength lies in our partnerships,” Major Wasmund said.

The Chief of Army Staff of the Ghana Army Major General Thomas Oppong-Preprah, on his part, said there was a need for collaboration, oneness and unity to fight emerging threats and the significance of the African Lion training.

He said no country can deal with the threat alone, therefore, joint operations and collaborations have come to stay.

Major General Oppong-Preprah commended the team for their effort amid all the challenges. He also thanked the US partners the military high command and the participating officers for their support.

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