Triumphant Political Thank You Tour Leaves a Trail of Gratitude in Amenfi Central Constituency



The Amenfi Central Constituency witnessed a momentous political event as the newly elected Parliamentary Candidate for the NDC, Hon. Joana Gyan Cudjoe, who had won the hearts of constituents during the recent internal elections, embarked on a remarkable Thank You tour. The tour, which exuded warmth and appreciation, concluded with a grand celebration and a solemn thanksgiving service, leaving a lasting mark on the hearts of her constituents.
The air was charged with excitement and anticipation as the PC-elect embarked on the constituency tour that saw her team visiting every electoral area in the constituency. This tour served as a powerful display of gratitude towards the constituency executives, delegates and supporters who played a pivotal role in the candidate’s resounding victory. The former Member of Parliament for Amenfi Central, Hon. George Kofi Arthur led the team that stood strong behind the PC-elect, with the Constituency Vice Chairman Amuzu ably leading the constituency executives. The wave of overwhelming support and love from the constituents had been a driving force throughout the campaign, and the Thank You tour was a heartfelt gesture to reciprocate the trust and confidence placed in the candidate, who has earned the nickname Small Gaddafi.
Culminating in a spectacular event on Saturday, August 5, 2023, the Thank You tour’s climax was a party held at the district capital, Manso. The event was a vibrant celebration, an embodiment of the unity and spirit that the PC-elect aimed to foster within the constituency. Supporters, delegates, and community members gathered to share in the joy of the recent victory and basked in the celebratory atmosphere. Some of the notable dignitaries that graced the occasion included the Member of Parliament for Wassa East Constituency and Chairman of the Western Regional Caucus, Hon. Isaac Adjei Mensah, Hon. Kofi Arko Noku, MP for Evalue Ajomoro Adwire, Hon. Nicholas Amankwa, MP for Amenfi East and Hon. Eric Afful, MP for Amenfi West. Also present were Hon. Justice Abban from the Tarkwa Nsuem Constituency, Western Regional Women Organizer, Deputy Regional Treasurer and Deputy Regional Organizer among others.
The key highlight of the celebration was the hot performance by the Keche Duo. The Star Performer, Keche Andrew, who incidentally is the husband of Hon. Joana, set the gathering ablaze. The “Where The Party Dey Today” hitmaker fired all cylinders while the constituents and other invited dignitaries danced their hearts out. They were also entertained by a Kete group and a Brass Band.
Following the exuberant party, the focus shifted to a more solemn note on Sunday, August 6, 2023, with a Thanksgiving Service at the Assemblies of God church (Perez Worship Center) at Agona Amenfi. This service was a profound moment of reflection and gratitude, as the PC-elect and supporters gathered to offer thanks for the journey that led to this remarkable achievement. The service was a reminder of the candidate’s commitment to the constituents and the responsibility that comes with the newly acquired position. Prayers were said for wisdom, guidance, and a steadfast dedication to the betterment of the lives of those represented.
The series of events showcased not only the political prowess of the PC-elect, who is the Mputuo Hemaa of Agaona Amenfi, but also her ability to connect with the people on a personal level. The Thank You tour was a testament to the values of humility, appreciation, and community-building that the candidate aimed to champion. It was evident that the journey ahead was not just about politics but about fostering a strong bond between the representative and the represented. Where necessary, Hon. Joana provided support that met the immediate needs of the constituents, although she is yet to be elected as their Member of Parliament.
As the celebrations concluded, the echoes of appreciation and hope lingered on in the hearts of the constituents. The PC-elect had successfully conveyed her gratitude, leaving an indelible mark on the constituency. The journey was far from over, and the constituents could look forward to a promising future under the leadership of an individual who understood the power of unity, gratitude, and dedication.
In the wake of this remarkable Thank You tour, the Amenfi Central Constituency is poised to embark on a new chapter, one defined by collaboration, progress, and a shared vision for a better tomorrow.

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