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UFP not a rubber stamp for your dictatorship endorsement-Gyataba to Jean Mensah


“The United Front Party cannot be used as a rubber stamp to endorse a decision taking  by the EC alone by being present at a meeting that will communicate the impression to the general public that the UFP was part of the debates that culminated to that decision.”

This is a direct response  from the 2016 flagbearer of the United Front Party,Dr.Nana Agyenim Boateng when the electoral commission called  on them to attend an IPAC meeting with just a representative, today,27/05/2020.
According to ‘Gyataba’The customary standard of IPAC’s composition that is agreed upon by both the EC and all the political parties is that each party should bring 3 members to represent her at IPAC meetings.
Again, If the EC is calling for meeting where there is an issue to be discussed with political parties, dividing the meeting in two groups will serve no purpose.
For example how will a decision be made, how would one party know the content of the debate of a meeting that
she was not allowed to participate, and especially how can we all have a unanimous decision
on a giving topic when all of the parties are not present at the same time?
If the electoral commission thinks the meeting is not about decision making, but just wants
to inform the parties about a decision she has taking, and therefore wants to change long standing conventions of IPAC; then she will do well not to call for a meeting at all, but just write to the political parties and the general public on the decision she has unilaterally
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