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UFP Supports Minority Reshuffling In Parliament

Leadership of the opposition political party, United Front Party (UFP) has  congratulated the  leadership of the NDC for their bold decision in reshuffling leaders of the minority in Parliament.
In a statement copied to this morning signed by Dr. Nana Agyenim Boateng (Gyataba) it was stated that,it is the prayer of UFP that those who have been given the opportunity to serve as new  minority leaders in Parliament will render their services to suit the agenda of the party.
“We are also encouraging outgoing leaders to also rally behind new leaders in executing Parliamentary duties and agenda of their party  for the well-being of the great NDC.
However,we want to say that it is time one needs to respect leadership especially when you belong to a political party.
We are saying this emphatically that if one feels bossy and think that he or she is superior than authority in a political party then the person should resign and form his own political party.
We are also appealing to Alhaji Muntaka Mohammed and Haruna Iddrisu to stop inciting their supporters to cause chaos in the party.
Inciting your supporters against their own political party will cause more harm than good as a political party.
UFP as a political party has witnessed instances where Hon.Clatus Avoca , Former minority leader of Parliament was reshuffled  without any blemish so how can’t Haruna Iddrisu and Muntaka Mohammed do same but rather inciting their supporters to create havoc in their various constituencies.
We want to  ask that,per what the supporters of Haruna Iddrisu and Muntaka Mohammed are doing ,are they inviting supporters of Mr.Ato Forson , Emmanuel Armah Kofi Boah and other members to also demonstrate to create disunity in the party?.
What the supporters of Haruna Iddrisu and Muntaka Mohammed are doing is rather creating tribal bigotry in the NDC which needs to be discouraged .
UFP as a formidable party always want the best for a political who has Ghanaians at heart .
Reason for our call is to tell the NDC that this is not the time for them to create division among themselves because Ghana needs them to rescue the country from the current economic mismanagement.”He concluded.

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