University of Ghana student dies from tragic accident on UPSA-UGBS stretch



In a tragic incident along the UGBS-UPSA road stretch, a Master’s student enrolled in the MSc Procurement and Supply Chain weekend program at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), Dennis Twumasi-Ankrah, has met an untimely demise.

The unfortunate event transpired on November 21, 2023, reportedly resulting from an attack by robbers as the student was returning home from class.

Allegedly, the assailants, attempting a robbery, resorted to pushing the student onto the busy road, leading to a fatal accident.

Speaking to Radio Univers, Mr. Twumasi Ankrah, the father of the deceased, shared his account of the incident, detailing the circumstances that led to the tragic death of his son.

Due to the proximity of the school, Mr. Twumasi Ankrah said he had arranged for his son to reside in a hostel near UPSA.

Recounting the events, he stated, “Because of the distance from the school, I looked for a hostel near UPSA for him. Last week he came home and on Tuesday when I was going to work, I picked him and he went to register… According to a colleague, he alighted at [the junction] where the traffic light is and he was walking on the stretch from the junction to UPSA.”

“At the roundabout, according to the police when he got there, they tried to take his bag away from him and in the process of attacking him, he overpowered them so they couldn’t take the bag. One of them pushed him and when he was falling, there was an incoming vehicle that knocked him down. The driver tried [his best], he took my son and rushed him to the Legon hospital.”

Dennis was swiftly rushed to Legon Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival. Mr. Twumasi Ankrah is awaiting the results of an autopsy, and the police are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.

In response to the unfortunate event, UGBS has extended condolences to the bereaved family. Prof. Justice Bawole, the Dean of the school, expressed sympathies on X (formerly Twitter) and announced plans to enhance student safety measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

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