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Women Will Chase You If You Do These 4 Things


Most men are unaware of one dating fact, which is that women do pursue men. But instead of pursuing just any male, they target high profile men.


If you put certain things in place, women may start approaching you about dates. Here are 4 techniques to get her to chase you.




1. Stop chasing: Some males have a hard time understanding this one. The fact is, if you want her to chase you, you have to quit trying to catch her. If you’ve made it clear to a lady that you’re incredibly easy to get, she won’t chase you.


2. Present a challenge: You must act in a way that indicates your position is higher than hers when you are with the woman. Average males are not pursued by women.


3. Always be the first to put an end to chats, whether you are speaking to her in person or online.



4. Ask the correct questions: Avoid posing inquiries like, “Do you like me? Are you my type? Asking questions such, “What sets you apart from every other girl?” would be preferable. Alternately, ask her to list her top three distinguishing characteristics

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