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UPP wishes BECE candidates success


Today marks the beginning of a journey for our Junior High School pupils as they enbark on the annual BECE to test their readiness for the next level of education  which is the senior high school.

The United Progressive Party wishes to use this opportunity to wish the five hundred thousand candidates a successful test and pray that their toils will not be invain. UPP further wished the soon to be human resource that they are optimistic will all be passed and added to the pool of our nations human resource as we need them.

This however cannot be done without commenting on a few things.

Th United Progressive Party, headed by Kenneth Nana Kwame Asamoah is disappointed at the Nana Akkuffo Addo and the NPP government on how they have handled the country’s basic Education and Secondary Education. These students are well aware of getting placement no matter their performances. Now, the lot of them psychologically are unprepared because they are certain of placement even with bad grades. Now we are hearing the free SHS program is unsustainable, we have students with as high as aggregate 60 in our educational system, we lack infrustructure to cater for these gold and green track students, poor or lack of learning material to assist these student. Now tell me, what kind of students are you putting out into the system?

The UPP believes that in as much as education is the right of evry child, we think that it has to sorted out properly. Education should be given based on the chikds talent. Thus, if the child is a math genius, we mY have an engineer or astronomer. If the child is goid with the hands, we have an architect, mason, carpenter , fashion designer etc. We need to prioritize this programe and stop forcing every child into the system. Some of these children are suffocating as we know it.

When the UPP wins power ans forms government, we will design the system to meet the needs of every child depending in their specific interest and talents.

We wish every child writing this years BECE all the luck in this world.

Long live the UPP
Long live Ghana

Bukari Kuoru
General Secretary(Ag).

Source /Ayisah Foster 

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