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Very Dangerous:7 Things You Should Never Do on an Empty Stomach



can be because of having a day full of early commitments, for having decided to sleep a few extra minutes after the alarm went off, or for both reasons: many people wake up, get ready quickly and rush to the first appointment of the day without eating anything.

Not to mention when this same hurry, excessive number of appointments and/or delays cause the person to go many hours without eating between one meal and another. Including, for these situations it is worth knowing these healthy and quick snacks that you can even take to eat out of home.

This carelessness with food can even be routine for some people, however, it is still harmful, as it can disturb the functioning of the stomach, create discomfort and increase the chances of developing gastritis. It is even worse if the person consumes something that is bad for an empty stomach.

To convince you to be more careful with this, we decided to bring a list with some things you should never do on an empty stomach, according to Healthline.


Consuming acidic beverages

Especially for those who suffer from a gastric sensitivity, consuming drinks like lemonade, orange juice, pineapple juice or passion fruit juice in the morning or while fasting is not a good idea.

For those who make a point of drinking one of these drinks first thing in the morning upon waking up, an alternative to mitigate the effect of acidity is to dilute it in water – at a ratio of 50% water and 50% acid juice or 2/3 cup of water and 1/3 cup of the acid juice.

There are also those who take vinegar fasting in search of depurative benefits or to stimulate weight loss. For those who decide to do this, it is very important to start with a small portion of the ingredient – do not start with a tablespoon – and always dilute the ingredient in at least one glass of water. Taking vinegar pure may cause stomach problems, just as taking lemon on an empty stomach may cause stomach problems for some people.


addition, those who suffer from gastritis, problems in the esophagus or other conditions that affect the digestive system need to consult their doctor or nutritionist before starting to use these homemade recipes with vinegar, lemon or other acidic ingredients, so as not to risk harming their condition.

Another acidic beverage worth mentioning is coffee. It is possible that some people do not have problems drinking coffee in the morning when it comes with the consumption of other foods or when they ingest a small portion of the beverage. However, when the person exchanges water for coffee and ingests the beverage throughout the morning, the result will be stomach acidification, which may cause problems to the organ.

2. Chewing gum

The act of chewing gum, which is similar to chewing and generates salivation, makes the organism believe that some food is about to arrive. With this, there is the secretion of acid in the stomach for the food that is not coming, something that requires care especially on the part of people who suffer from gastritis or some type of stomach problem.

And this is not only true for those who chew gum as soon as they wake up in the morning, but also for those who take hours to have another meal after finishing lunch, but chew gum in the middle of the afternoon. Enjoy and see also if chewing gum is fattening or slimming.


. Drinking alcoholic beverages

Who does not know that person who only has lunch, does not eat anything in the afternoon, skips dinner and goes straight to the happy-hour at the bar, where he/she ingests beer and other alcoholic beverages? Yes, but this is not a good idea.

Alcohol is an extremely acidic drink and aggressive to the stomach, helping to secrete more acid in the organ. Not to mention that when alcohol is consumed on an empty stomach, it is absorbed up to twice as fast. The result: the person gets drunk more quickly, compared to when they drink after having eaten.

Therefore, the rule is clear: whenever you are going to drink, you must eat something beforehand. It is also worth knowing these options of healthy and delicious snacks to accompany and not drink on an empty stomach.

4. Doing intense physical activity

Waking up and going straight to the gym to do an intense fasting workout or having lunch, not eating anything throughout the afternoon and going straight out for a heavy workout in the gym is another mistake.

This may cause the person to feel ill, not have enough energy to endure the training or develop hypoglycemia (low levels of glucose in the blood). The ideal is always to have a good pre-workout meal to ensure a good performance in the exercise session.

For those who follow intermittent fasting, the recommendation is to always do the physical activity within the eating window or, if you don’t have this availability of time, a little before the beginning of the eating window, since soon after you will be able to consume carbohydrates and proteins for better results.

5. Don’t go shopping at the supermarket

Going shopping at the supermarket on an empty stomach, that is, with a lot of hunger, greatly increases the chances of filling the cart with treats, snacks, junk food and other foods that pass far from being healthy.

After all, these items are usually highlighted on the supermarket shelves and when going through them hungry, it is very difficult to resist the temptation, isn’t it? Besides being bad for your health and shape, they are also bad for your pocket: adding them to your shopping cart will make the final price of your purchase much higher.

Therefore, if there is no time to make a complete healthy meal before going to the supermarket to do the shopping of the week or month, the orientation is to make at least a healthy snack.

6.Taking anti-inflammatory medicines

The risk of taking anti-inflammatory medicines on an empty stomach is that they may cause gastric bleeding, ulcers or gastritis. The recommendation is that these drugs are taken with a food such as fruit, a glass of milk or a healthy snack, for example.

7. Putting yourself in stressful situations

Not all stressful occasions in life can be avoided, however, the guidance is to stay away from them whenever you can, especially when your stomach is empty. Have you not eaten yet or have you been without food for many hours?

Then, the tip is to check your work e-mails, give your children a hard time, discuss your relationship with your husband or wife, fight with a friend or put yourself in any other stressful situation when your stomach is full.

During a period of stress, the stomach increases the release of hydrochloric acid – in high doses, this can result in the development of heartburn, poor digestion, gastritis or a gastric or duodenal ulcer. Gastritis and ulcers have pain and burning in the mouth of the stomach as their main symptoms.

The pains appear especially when the stomach is empty: long periods of fasting cause the acid to irritate the mucous membrane more.

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