Volta Reg.NDC Women’s wing celebrates first Organizer @ 83 for her outstanding mentorship roles



The Volta Regional women’s wing of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has celebrated Madam Esi Pomary, the first Volta Regional Women’s Organizer who became first Member of Parliament (MP) for HoHoe at her 83rd birthday for the dedication and transformative role she played in shaping the political landscape in the region at Aflao.
Madam Fafa D. Agbai the current women’s organizer for the region explained that, they have decided to honour her predecessor for her remarkable contributions to women’s empowerment in politics through her dedication and visionary leadership in championing the rights and inclusion of women within the party and beyond.
Madam Agbai expressed her heartfelt for her predecessor for her outstanding achievements and the impact she had on the lives of countless women in the region and Ghana as a whole.
She stated that, the former women organizer’s unwavering commitment, resilience, and mentorship roles and women empowerment in the emerging future leaders.
The NDC Volta regional women’s Organizer and and the other executives expressed their deep appreciation to their revered predecessor, pledging to carry forward her legacy by continuing to advocate for gender equality, women’s empowerment, and inclusive in political participation towards winning the 2024 general election.
The women’s organizer disclosed that, the celebration embodied unity and a shared of commitment in creating a brighter future for women in the Volta Region.
She stressed that the celebration of the first Women’s Organizer on her 83rd birthday is to demonstrate their appreciation her outstanding leadership, unwavering dedication, and transformative impact on the lives of women in the Volta Region, hence honoring her milestone and remarkable achievements by reminding themselves of the winning the 2024 general election and their as women which is their ultimate goal.
She said they are into advocating for gender equality, women empowerment and fostering inclusive political participation, and promised to build on her legacy, hardworking tirelessly to win the 2024 general election to create a future where every woman’s voice can be heard and valued.

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