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We will break your necks if  you try to break the eight-Brogya Genfi to NPP

The National Youth  Organizer hopeful for  the National Democratic Congress (NDC),Yaw Brogya Gyanfi has said that,the NDC will   break the neck of the ruling New Patriotic Party ( NPP) if they think of winning the 2024 elections at all cost to break the eight years rule unnecessarily.
He said,the ruling party is just thinking about wining the  next elections at all cost without considering the true votes of the electorates.
He indicated that,the NPP is only interested about how to steal, print more ballots papers , bribe people, manipulate the system and win power and still say they have broken the eight.
But the affable National Youth Organizer aspirant stated categorically that ,the NDC is ready to die at the polling station to ensure that every voter’s ballot is counted.
“We the members of the NDC are ready to win the 2024 elections genuinely and for that matter is ever ready to go to the extent of breaking the necks of the NPP should they try to manipulate the elections and still say they have broken the eight years rule.
Brogya Gyanfi said this when he was addressing members of the Tertiary Education Institutions Network  (TEIN) of the NDC  at the Christian Service University College during a handing over ceremony between the old Executives and the newly elected Executives.
He said,the NPP government has misused the country’s economic resources because they don’t think about the future of this Country and still wants to lead this Country.
The newly elected TEIN President at the Christian Service University College,kwabena Adjei Baffou however called on other colleagues to join the NDC party and fight for the party’s victory come 2024.
He said,the NDC is the only party that can save  Ghanaians from this current economic hardship.

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