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‘We would be slaves under  Akufo Addo’s next government’-Gyataba to Ashantis

President of  Concerned Youth Of Asante ,Dr.Nana Agyenim Boateng, popularly known as ‘Gyataba’ has made it clear that there is no need for Ashantis to retain Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo as the president of the republic come December 7th else Ashantis would be slaves in their own country.
According to him ,a vote for Nana Addo is a curse to the future generations of Ashantis since the president has planned evil against the Ashantis in his second term of office which has been written in a single document entitled’Agyapade3′.
Addressing the Media yesterday at the SSNIT conference hall in Kumasi,Nana Agyenim Boateng indicated that members of Concerned Youth Of Asante deem it appropriate to  engage the media  to openly tell them  why the New Patriotic Party and it’s leader,Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo must be voted out come December 7th ,2020 general elections.
He said,their decision was backed by tangible reasons.
“Firstly,if Ghanaians renew the term of office of the NPP for the second time, the Akyims are going to take total control of the entire offices of this nation.
We have chanced on a secret document put together by the Akyems about how the Nana Addo administration would steer the affairs of this nation in his second term should Ghanaians make mistake and vote for him.
This is a summary of what the Akyem Mafias plan to do in the second term of an Akufo-Addo Government.
Iam  reading to you the foreword carefully before I read the summary for better understanding.
 The foreword was not summarized and was left just as it is in the secret document that we chanced upon.
The rest was summarized for a convenient reading…”He revealed.
Now the Foreword of the secret document:
To our future, made up of the present, and the unborn, for whom this ‘Will’ of a nation is being prepared. To our foremost king, Ofori Panin, the progenies spread across this world for whom, and to whom alone, this sacred document is prepared.
As the heirs of Nana Apeanin Kwaframa, Nana kuntunkunuku, and Ofori Panin, our people were never defeated in the wars of old. We were nobody’s subjects, and yet, after 1957, we were made to live in the shadows of the descendants of people, who never defeated us in war while the Asante Kingdom was uplifted to put us in shade. In relatively recent times, the struggles and works of J.B Danquah to restore Okyeman to its original glory were thwarted. But he fought bravely to the end.
With the arrival of Nana, we see the rebirth of a second J.B. Danquah who has come to our rescue. Fully cognizant that we are currently, part of the modern nation Ghana, (the name of which was originally proposed by the illustrious son of Ofori Paninfie of Okyeman, J.B Danquah,) and aware that it is currently made of other diverse peoples, we have to assert our old selves and ensure that we no longer continue to live in the shadows of other kings and people, whose forebears we defeated in wars.
In spite of our tremendous contribution to this Ghana entity, Okyeman has not been credited with the appropriate awe and grandeur that we rightly deserve in recent times.
Currently with Nana in total control of the whole entity of Ghana, we have a duty to ensure that we take over the commanding heights of the essential fabric of the country, in order that even in the event, that Nana leaves the scene after the mandatory eight years, the sons and daughters of Okyeman would be firmly secured and such control, both financially and economically, that we can no longer be ignored in the battle to control the destiny of Ghana.
To achieve, we need to appropriate the fundamental economic and financial levers, which would guarantee such control in years to come.
In doing this, we need to be strategic. We would have to work with each other people from some of the diverse ethnic groups, including some carefully selected people in Asante and other diverse ethnicities or lands. This would make them believe that they also have a hand in the pie. It would obscure any suspicion that the project is essentially an OforiPanin Project. This point is crucial; because, with electoral politics, we have to have our eyes on the numbers in the electoral process. We cannot be blatant until we are completely secure in the endeavor. It is especially so, because, so far, the Asantes constitute the single most populous ethnic group in the country.
Although the Asante group within the current NPP is gearing up itself to take over the party after Nana’s tenure in 2024, it would be ideal if we could work to by-pass them in 2024. With hard work, we could work to pass the mantle over to a non-Akan person, preferably from the North, under whose presidency we could secure the maturity of our take-over project.
When we have finally captured the command and control sectors of the country for our private use, we would then be in a better position to wield the necessary political and economic muscle to manage the destiny of this country under the rein of the house of Ofori Panin.
To be specific, we need to strengthen our efforts to control the mineral resources, as well as the electricity and water institutions. The success of this project depends on the way in which we, for the time being control judiciary, and the press.
We conclude with a word of caution. Until we have secured the critical sectors under our control, we should minimize the danger of the obvious acts of individual corruption, in order not to alienate the rest of the population. We must focus on the ultimate goal. We must seek first the economic and financial levers, and all others will follow immediately.
The economy and financial systems constitute the nerves of every country. Indeed, political power
and economic control are inextricably linked in such a way that any group that controls economic might of a nation essentially control its political power. At the same time political power is virtually a condition precedent to economic and financial power in our country and Africa as a whole.
Our agenda for political dominance would hinge on our financial might. We therefore need overwhelming control of the key economic growth pillars. With economic, power, we could manipulate the system to generate an unfavorable economic situation enough to make any government of the day, not directly under our control become unpopular.
The first phase of the economic and financial sector control was to be implemented in Nana’s first term of office.  As we get closer to the end of the first term, we have set the ball rolling regarding the objectives set out in our first document.
There have been some setbacks largely due to some pitfalls on our side. The control of the electricity could have been done better but for the greed of some the non-Akyem elite, we had included as cover.
Agyapa would have also been a success but the CSOs easily obtained vital information about the project hence the public rejection of the deal.
The control of key supervisory institutions: particularly the central bank and Securities and Exchange Commission has allowed for other blueprints to be implemented. The successful nature of the financial sector ‘clean-up’ which eliminated most banks with hostile ownership proves we are on cause.
Given the high likelihood of Ghanaians giving Nana another term to govern this country, we need to constitute the gains made in the financial sector. The takeover of CBG and the acquisition of significant equity holding in GAT-assisted banks represent our strategy for direct play in the commercial banking space. Also key appointments in top foreign banks should lean towards us. This will ensure that in the unlikely event our bloc is not in power, we could count on them to make pronouncements that will influence public opinion against the ruling government.
As we make the final push for the EC registration, it is important to roll out our final onslaught to ensure that NDC eventually becomes a fringe party. Whereas we do not expect the Electoral Commissioner herself to openly cripple the NDC, we could deploy the other non-EC functions, such as the need to maintain law and order, using our people within the security agencies to frustrate NDC supporters from either registering or voting. Brian Acheampong would be in this endeavor.
The youth and women’s wing remains our weakest link. Efforts must therefore be made to get our National Organizer to fill the gap. Same applies to getting Ursula to assist the Women’s wing. The substandard tag on Nana Boakye seems to be perfect description of who he is per the earlier assessments made by DM Ofori Atta and the co-writers of the August 2019 report. It is therefore imperative we avoid a one-on-one debate between our Youth Organizer and that the of the NDC for the time being.
He is a very good asset. In addition to his deep pockets his financing of the grass roots affirms our dire need of him at all cost in the 2020 elections. Although he is popular at the grassroots level, his trenchant for being a loose cannon, in attacking persons, who should be left alone is sometimes worrying. He must be weaned off, eventually. Colonel Opoku is to revive the 2016 plan and progress to his dossier for this purpose.
A very good material with excellent political prospects. His loyalty to Nana should be acknowledged to encourage him to repeat his 2016 efforts. It is imperative to however to watch his seeming rift with Kojo Oppong Nkrumah. His loyalty beyond the term of Nana cannot be guaranteed. It is may be prudent to prepare pieces of information regarding his encounters with women, which appears to be excess in his case.
It is perhaps not too good to admit publicly, not too good to admit publicly, but his performance has been short of all past general secretaries. Going forward we should manage the level of competencies which faces us as serious political party. His agenda to accumulate wealth coupled with his alcohol addiction and weakness regarding women makes him vulnerable. He has very little to offer going into the 2020 elections and there is the need to import Agyarko, Papa Owusu Ankomah and Kwabena Agyapong to paper over potential flaws coming out of his actions.
It appears our work at disabling the EIB, GN media and the ongoing efforts to do same with multimedia won’t be the end of the struggle. There is the need to stop the growing dominance of the ABN. The national security has been tasked to do a thorough forensic audit on all the businesses of Kwaku Oteng. In the event of no adverse findings we shall plant fake versions of his Adonko on the market like we did to his Angel Natural Capsules using our boys at the FDA even in opposition. Sammy Awuku, John Boadu and Chairman Wontumi have been tasked to ensure his daughter Francisca Oteng is contested and loses the 2024 parliamentary primaries of the party.
While our main aim is to dominate totally the media architecture in the nearest future, there is the need to have a generally good appeal in the media. KON has successfully recruited about 80% of the top journalists including some with adversarial tendencie towards us. The roles of Kweku Baako, Paul Adom Otchere, Kwame Sefa Kai and OB of multimedia cannot be underestimated.
We also expected Ursula to exclude radio Gold from the list of radio stations to be shut down for obvious tactical reasons but generally she did well with the  execution of the agenda to close down pro ndc stations.
End of Part 1 Watch out for Part2 in our next press engagement .
Friends from the media , base on the forgoing character , we don’t see any sense in retaining Akufo Addo as the president of the republic.
A vote for Nana Addo in December 7th is a vote for retrogression, Dictatorship, tyranny and corruption.He concluded.
Source: Ayisah Foster,

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