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We’ll file candidates against NPP in 2024—-Asanteman Youth Threaten 



The Asokore Mampong wing of Asanteman Youth have threatened to file candidates against those the NPP will present in 2024 if the current Members of Parliament do not work for development of the region.

Addressing a press conference this morning clad in red head bands and flanked by charged group members, Eric Wiafe, spokesperson for the group said Asanteman had been denied development despite fighting for NPP.

He said many Youth in the community currently waste away without jobs.

This, he noted is despite the sacrifices many in Asokore Mampong and in the region had given out for the NPP to retain it in power.

“If this cruel attitude of our 47 MPs continue we will file our own Parliamentary candidates in 2024 and they would contest whoever the other parties present in the 47 constituencies and by our numbers we will ensure Asanteman candidates are votes for”, the spokesperson stated amidst deafening cheers.

The group’s spokesperson said the region and its people stand disappointed that many projects the current government earmarked for it still lies fallow.

Boakra inland port, 4 interchanges promised including Suame, Oforikrom, Bantama as well as hospitals which are due for completion still stands unattended to, the spokesperson stated.

These projects, he noted were some of the issues that make the group annoyed with the performance of the region’s 47 Members of Parliament (MPs).

“I am surprised why our MPs are refusing to use their good numbers to force development to the stronghold of the NPP when two MPs in NDC could loudly and largely do so recently”, Wiafe tearfully quizzed.

The group notified the media that in two weeks time they would take a decision that would sound dramatic if the MPs fail to work something good for the region.

He said the MPs should show that they respect the people of the region by their reaction.

This, he said would be the only way the youth of Asokore Mampong, comprising about 13 communities would tone down on a massive demonstration they have in mind against their MP and the entire 47 others in Ashanti.

“We will take the NPP MPs on and deal with them because we have seen that the only thing they entered Parliament to do was to feed fat and line their pockets with money”, Mr Wiafe firmly stated.


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