We’ll start  arresting unlawful users of our uniforms  – Ghana Armed Forces  warns



The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has cautioned the public to desist from the unauthorised use of military pattern uniforms and accoutrements.


This follows the unlawful use of military-pattern uniforms and accoutrements by protesters during demonstrations.


“Despite the continuous education and warnings issued to the general public to desist from these practices, the trend rather appears to be on the increase,” the GAF complained in a statement issued on Thursday.


It said that during the recent demonstrations in Accra by Democracy Hub and other groups, it was observed that some protesters and persons purported to be providing private security to some dignitaries were dressed in military pattern camouflage uniforms and other accoutrements.



“The probability for these individuals being wrongly perceived to be GAF personnel has the propensity of drawing the image of GAF into disrepute,” it added.


The GAF said that these unauthorised acts were in contravention of the National Liberation Council Decree (NLCD) 177 of 1967, which is still in force.


“This Decree in part states that; ‘no person shall wear or use any military uniforms, equipment, or accoutrements or other material unless he or she is a member of the Armed Forces of Ghana,” it added.


More so, GAF underscored that besides the illegality of the use of the uniforms, accoutrement and equipment by these protesters, others with criminal motives use them to impersonate and outwit unsuspecting members of the public in order to perpetuate crime.


“Noting that these acts create a sense of insecurity in the country and tarnish the image of the military, GAF would not allow this situation to persist and will henceforth effect the arrests of culprits to face the full rigours of the law. GAF therefore seeks the cooperation of the general public to curb the use of military uniforms and accoutrements, especially during future protests. Those who continue to violate this law would be arrested,” it added.



It used the opportunity to assure the general public of its commitment to protecting the citizenry and territorial integrity of Ghana at all times.



“It therefore requires the support of all to enforce measures in the interest of the needed peace and security,” GAF added.

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