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Why Do Indians Burn Their Dead People Into Ashes? What To Know


Indians have their own beliefs and practices when it comes to dealing with their deceased, just like Muslims who bury their dead within 24 hours and Christians who take their dead to the mortuary. The Indians burn the dead bodies of their relatives. This is the process of reducing the compact body into ashes within minutes. Many people will be perplexed as to why Indians do this, but the truth is that Indians do not believe in life after death or the resurrection of the dead.

Indians believe that the dead should always be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible and that cremation is the purest means of returning physical elements to their source. Cremation is seen by Indians as a spiritual release by separating the spirit from the soul. Indians believe that the following cremation, the soul is liberated from this world by ceremoniously pouring the ashes of the deceased into a river, lake, or ocean. The rest of the ashes are kept in the bottle and placed inside the family houses for some time as mourning continues.



Additionally, cremation is preferred by Indians since it is less expensive than a traditional burial. They also believe that cremation has a low environmental impact. Even though Indians burn their dead, little children are never cremated. They are buried in the same manner as Christians and Muslims.

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