Why Is Alcohol Regarded As A Bad Drink For People With Diabetes



Alcoholic beverages are seen or considered as unhealthy drinks for people with blood sugar concerns. But have you ever stopped to think about it and why this is so? Considering the fact that alcohol doesn’t contain sugar, one may be wondering how it is bad for people with diabetes; this article will serve as a source of enlightenment as we will be answering this very important question.

In this article in line with a publication on Medical News Today, we are going to have a look at why alcohol is considered a bad drink for people living with diabetes. Incase you have been wondering why this is the case, just sit tight and enjoy while learning something new.

Why Alcohol is Considered Bad For Diabetics

It has been proven that most alcoholic beverages don’t contain any sugar but sugar is not the only problem of people with diabetes. Alcoholic beverages especially beer contains carbohydrates which may lead to an increase in one’s blood sugar level when taken in high amounts or excessively.

Secondly, alcohol often affects the liver by interfering in the way it produces glucose which may end up causing an unexpected drop in the blood sugar which is another condition known as hypoglycemia. People who have a very low sugar level also stand a chance of having some life-threatening complications.

Thirdly, excess alcohol intake by people with diabetes may lead to weight gain due to the presence of carbs in some alcoholic beverages which is also a no-no for people living with diabetes. So there is need for you to either stay away from alcohol or take it in moderation strictly. Discipline is therefore needed in this case to ensure you don’t overstep your boundaries and put yourself at risk. Alcohol is not bad when taken moderately, the only issue is taking too much

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