Why You Should Consume Yam If You Have Diabetes



Despite the name, both sweet potatoes and yams have amounts of sugar that are tolerable for people with diabetes. One cup of sweet potato has 6 grams of sugar, and 1 cup of yams has 0.5 grams of sugar, per the USDA.

According to Healthline”, Yam is a root vegetable that mainly grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions and is grown as a cash crop for its popularity and demand. It is not quite known in many places but is native to and a commonly eaten vegetable in South and Southeast Asia and Africa. Let us read more about whether is yam good for diabetes in this article. Below is why you should eat Yam if you have diabetes.

May Improve Brain Function

Although more surveys are needed to better understand the positive impacts of yams on brain function, the researches conducted on mice have shown promising results. Yams are rich in diosgenin, a unique compound that promotes neuron growth and improves brain function. This compound is also known for enhancing memory and learning abilities.

Eases Menopause Signs

During menopause, the blood levels of estrogen hormones (Estradiol and Estrogen) drastically reduce. It is believed that improving the levels of Estradiol and Estrone can help reduce menopause signs. If you want to mitigate menopause indications, comprising yam in your daily diet can assist.

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