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“You look  Like  Angels”- Ashanti Regional Minister to Kumasi Islamic SHS



“Forgive us, whatever happened is an unfortunate incident and we pray to Allah that this thing never happens to any student in this country.

As I stand here,it looks like, I’m looking at Angels , you are beautifully dressed , very very beautifully dressed and we were going to lose one of you ,it would have been very pathetic ,we thank God such a thing never happened.

All I will tell the leadership of the students is anytime you have any challenge and you contact your headmaster or authorities and you are not getting solution,my doors are always opened .

Just get in touch with me ,I will gather all the major stakeholders ,the regional director of education,metro director of education and school authorities,members of the security council and make sure those problems are addressed once and for all.

I will give my number to the school prefect and I beg you call me whenever you have a challenge in relation to your education and your stay in the school no private calls .

Phone calls that will make your stay,your existence very comfortable.

I thank you very much for your discipline and I wish all of you success in your ongoing examination ,May Allah bless us all.”

These were  heartfelt message delivered to the students of Kumasi Islamic SHS by the Ashanti Regional Minister,Mr.Simon Osei Mensah when addressing them upon his visit to the school this afternoon.

The regional minister was  in the school  to assess the state of affairs in respect of the riotous incident involving students which led to the hospitalisation of over 20 students.

Upon his visit, it was discovered that all students who were hospitalized have been discharged by their various hospitals to continue their studies in school.

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