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Your treasonable comments senseless -NDC Women’s Wing Fires  Bryan Acheampong


The National Democratic Congress Women’s Wing headed by Dr Hanna Louisa Bisiw (National Women Organizer) has been infuriated by the reckless and covetous statements by the “Corporal Cook” Bryan Acheampong, MP for Abetifi Constituency in the Eastern Region.

Responding to Bryan Acheampong’s treasonable comments at a press conference yesterday ,Dr Hanna Louisa Bisiw indicated that in Bryan Acheampong’s attempt to terrorize Ghanaians at a recent health walk said, “The NPP shall never hand over power to the NDC and whatever it takes to retain power in 2024, we shall do it”.

Dr Hanna Louisa Bisiw maintained that the treasonable statements by Bryan Acheampong that shook the foundation of our democracy didn’t start last Saturday.

She said ,in 2021 at a delegates conference in Kumasi, President Akufo Addo re-iterated his plans to hand over power in 2025 to his party’s flag bearer.

In a similar occasion in 2022, Lord Commey who is the director of operations at the Presidency said “the power I have, I will not hand it over today or tomorrow.”

This is a clear indication of the evil intent of the NPP to manipulate the outcome of election 2024 as they know, the ordinary Ghanaian is fed up with their failed government. To cover up for the numerous scandalous deals and misappropriation of state funds, they are desperate to hold on to power.

“We the women of Ghana unreservedly condemn “Corporal Cook” Bryan Acheampong’s irresponsible, senseless, uncouth, vitriolic attack on our country’s democracy, and the attempted “rape” of the constitutional right of the people of Ghana to elect leaders of their choice.

Accordingly, we call on the Security Agencies to immediately arrest Bryan Acheampong and slap him with charges for inciting a treasonous act.

If the Security Agencies fail to arrest Bryan Acheampong as they did others, we will call for a nation-wide Women’s Revolution to, with immediate, effect a citizens’ arrest of “Nation Wrecker” Bryan Acheampong.

Has Bryan Acheampong seriously considered the possible conflagration that will occur in Ghana if anyone is maimed or killed as a result of his recklessness in the near future?

Has Bryan Acheampong thought about the probability of Accra, and for that matter, other parts of this country being a “no-go” areas for him and his cohorts if any politically motivated unfortunate incidents happen AGAIN? It is already noteworthy that Bryan Acheampong cannot step foot in Bawku.

Bryan Acheampong can not stand in the midst of innocent God-fearing and peaceful Kwahu people, to be spewing gibberish. He should descend from the tranquility of the Kwahu mountains into the “battle grounds” leading to the 2024 elections, and face a determined mass of well prepared defendants of democracy!

“Coporal Cook” Bryan Acheampong and his gangs of hoodlums and dunderheads must know that battle-tested and defiant Ghanaians will not accept a repeat of the senseless massacres during the December 2020 elections and the bloodshed at Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election.”She concluded.

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