Youth leadership: Chief Nurudeen and partners educate Northern youth on Governance



Due to the low and lack of participation in the governance system among the Ghanaian youth, students of the Tamale Technical Institute and some National Service Personnel have been sensitized on leadership and Governance.

A former Dagbon Student’s Association (DASA) chief of the Tamale Technical University, Chief Ibrahim Nurudeen in partnership with the *We Know Ghana* project has shined a spotlight on the crucial initiative to promote youth participation in leadership roles and decision-making.

The forum organised at the Tamale Technical Institute aimed to inspire and encourage young individuals from the five northern regions to actively engage in the decision-making processes that shape their communities.

The event drew an impressive gathering of students and youth leaders, National Service Personnel all eager to learn their perspectives and contribute to the betterment of Ghana.

The Guidance and Counseling Director of the Tamale Technical Institute, Madam Regina Ramatu Laare stated that the Institute recognizes the potential of its stuidents and aims to nurture their skills.

In her address, she urged products of the Institute and the youth to actively engage in leadership roles on campus and at their respective communities.

According to her, the institution faces numerous challenges to achieve this goal, but they’re focus in playing their part.

Madam Regina commended organizers of the forum and however called on other groupings and organizations to pay much attention to the Institution.

Chief Nurudeen stressed the need for discipline and focused preparation among the Ghanaian youth towards better future.

He urged the participants to challenge themselves in any leadership position either on campus and after school, this he believed, would transform them of becoming better and experience leaders.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Youth Participation in Governance’ he mentioned that his advocacy aligns with the broader goal of cultivating responsible and capable leaders at the institute.

Underlining the compelling reasons for youth, especially females, to actively participate in leadership roles. Seidu Abiba, the Sagnarugu Municipal Director of Ghana Youth Authority (GYA), articulated the importance of building the capacity of the youth in governance and entrepreneurial development.

Convener of ‘We know Ghana’ project in the Northern zone, Ms. Salamatu Salpawuni advised the gathering especially women to be bold in every governance activity in their area and continue chasing their dream in respective of the challenge.

Ms. Salpawuni appealed for more support from organizations and individuals for her outfit to initiate similar educative Programmes.

The *We know Ghana* project collaboration with the former DASA Chief who’s currently vying for Tamale Metro NASPA President position aims to foster a dialogue on the significance of youth involvement in decision-making processes, contributing to the development of a dynamic and forward-thinking society.

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