1000 Children and Aged Benefit from CCC NHIS Registration



One thousand persons in the Asokore Mampong Community and adjoining towns especially children and the aged are being registered on the National Health Insurance Scheme by Calvary Charismatic Center (CCC), a famous church ⛪ in Kumasi.

Speaking to the media Monday morning, Reverend Ransford Obeng, General Overseer of CCC said the idea to register these numbers formed part of his resolution for the celebration of his 67 birthday which fell last Tuesday.

He noted that aside the annual blood donation exercise that precedes his birthday celebrations, he decided to add the registration of persons on the NHIS this year.

“You know i have been leading a mass blood donation exercise every time i celebrate my birthday and this year marks seven years since we did that but this year in addition to this i decided to register 1000 persons especially children and the aged on NHIS”, Reverend Obeng stated.

NHIS District Officer:
Mr Dei Owusu Ampofo, Public Relations Officer at the Asawase District commended the General Overseer of CCC for the gesture.

He noted that many have still not registered on the health scheme.

This, he stated was a bother to the NHIA since the scheme provides opportunity to all in the country to access care at no costs at the hospital.
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“We are delighted that CCC took advantage of the facility for corporate registration and are registering 1000 persons in this Asokore Mampong Community where from our interactions have many unregistered persons including children and the aged”, the Officer dislosed.

Asana Abdulaziz, a 12 year old girl JHS pupil said she was happy that CCC had made it possible to be registered on the NHIS.

She said at times her colleagues in school tease her for not being a registrant on the scheme.

Muftawu Mutawakil, 11 year old class five pupil showed profuse happiness for getting the opportunity to register on the NHIS.

He said he had been itching to register due to the things his friends tell him in school but realised it wasnt for free and therefore thanked CCC for the opportunity given.

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