2024 Elections: Missing BVD’s / Laptops Brouhaha; Center for Leadership and Democratic Governance tells Political parties to be extra careful and vigilant with the EC



The Center for Leadership and Democratic Governance(CLDG), led by Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi posited that political parties must be extra careful with the Electoral Commission and have a plan B in place towards the 2024 general elections before it is too late.

In recent passed, the minority in parliament accused the EC that some Biometric verification Devices (BVDs) have been stolen from store. This has compelled EC to organised a press conference to clear the air through its Deputy Chairperson of Operations, Mr. Samuel Tettey to admit the position of the minority but he quantified the missing laptops as only five(5) and that all the BVDs are intact and he further added that, in spite of that the integrity or the conduct of 2024 general election won’t be compromised.

The EC BVR Kits comprises of Laptop, camera, scanner and printer so it beggars believe to state that the five set that has be stolen one cannot reasonably infer that it won’t temper the integrity or the conduct of the general. Until the motive for stealing the kits are known, any ordinary Ghanaians will have it in mind that it may affect the the conduct of the election.

Per this brouhaha between the Minority and the EC, CLDG want to state that this development is likely to cause voter apathy during 20th General elections that is schedule to take place in December 2024

CLDG holds the opinion that EC should not have waited for the minority to inform the public about this development before they organise a counter press conference to refute it and an attempt of refuting ended up admitting it that only handful of such kits are missing.

This actually vindicate the position of minority in parliament.

The missing Laptops are public assets hold in trust by EC and must be protected and accounted for at all times to all Ghanaian.

CLDG wish to appeal to EC to be guided with all democratic ingredients that must be adhered to before, during and after elections.
It’s only this that Ghanaians in general, have trust and confidence in EC.

For details call Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi Executive Director for CLDG on 0244853076

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