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5 MPs from Kusaug traditional area condemn enskinment of new Bawku chief



Some five Members of Parliament from the Kusaug traditional area have condemned the enskinment of a new Bawku Naba in Nalegiru on Wednesday, February 15.

The group says the Zugrana, Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II remains the legally recognized Chief of Bawku and the President of the Kusaug traditional area.

Addressing the media on the enskinment, the spokesperson of the group and Member of Parliament for Zebilla, Cletus Avoka said the unlawful act by the Nayiri has the tendency to aggravate the Bawku disturbances hence the need for the government to act immediately on the situation.

“It has come to our attention that the Nayiri in Nalerigu has purportedly enskinned a rival chief for Bawku and such action is unaccepted and should not have come from a person of his stature. Such enskinment is null and void and will not be recognized by any institution under the 1992 Constitution,” Cletus Avoka told the Parliamentary Press Corp.

He, therefore, admonished the government to take urgent and swift measures to ensure the new enskinment doesn’t further deteriorate the destabilized situation in Bawku.

The concerned lawmakers of the Bawku Central, Binduri, Zebilla, Pusiga, and Tempane constituencies said they need peace to prevail to enable them develop their respective constituencies.

Cletus Avoka called for punishments to be handed to the perpetrators of the enskinment.

“The government of Ghana must take every step to ensure the maintenance of peace and hold the perpetrators of this act accountable.”

“Meanwhile, we call on the people of Bawku to remain calm and assure them that this unlawful conduct will not stand,” he further stressed.

The government has also condemned the enskinment and stated that the security services in the region have been directed to arrest and prosecute anyone that holds himself as a new Bawku Naba.

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