6 foods you love and eat that damage your kidneys with joy



There are several foods that damage kidneys, but in this health post, we will focus on the 6 common ones we eat nearly everyday.

The six foods you love and eat that damage your kidneys with joy may look very safe, but their negative effects on your kidneys and health can be life-threatening.

By the time you are done reading this health post, you should start making very important changes to your diet and that of your children.

Your kidneys are a pair of vital organs you must not intentionally destroy with what you feed your body. You are what you eat, and also remember that the function of the kidney is to filter out of the body all impurities. It also deals with waste materials and excess substances in the body.

These functions of the kidneys together ensure that your body organs perform their functions well.

The kidneys are fragile, and if you make even little changes to what you eat, it can trigger a positive or negative effect. A small amount of damage to the kidney as a result of the food choices you make can harm the rest of your body.

This is why we must all take very good care of the body by reducing the intake of the foods identified in this post. The less you take, the better for the kidneys, so that can last you a lifetime in safety.

This is why it is important to keep our kidneys healthy. The best way to do this is by avoiding (or at least limiting) the following, which over time can damage your kidneys.

What are the 6 foods you love and eat that damage your kidneys with joy?

Soda drinks are dangerous to your kidneys. Please avoid them.

Drinks classified as soda contain high levels of ingredients such as sugar, flavouring, fructose, and food colour. For those who enjoy soda drinks, it is easy for them to suffer from proteinuria.

This is an abnormality that shows you have high proteins in your urine. This symptom means that you are about to suffer from an end-stage kidney disease.

Soda drinks are dangerous to your kidneys

Additionally, fructose can harm the kidneys by making them hypersensitive to a salt-regulating protein. It is thought that this sensitivity might cause several health problems, including hypertension and renal failure. Phosphoric acid, another ingredient in these beverages, can cause kidney stones to develop.

Foods that contain artificial sweeteners.

There are many who believe that once they run away from actual sugar and eat things that contain artificial sweeteners, they are safe; however, this is never the case.

To battle obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes—all of which increase the risk of heart disease—the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) have cautiously indicated that artificial sweeteners might be used instead of sugar.

Foods that contain artificial sweeteners.

Aspartame and saccharine are synthetic sweeteners that swiftly diminish kidney function. Junk food, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, and even plain old fruit juices include them. Diabetes, obesity, and renal illness can all be averted by cutting back on sugar. You may shed calories, chemicals, and salt by reducing your intake of processed sugars. In addition to helping your waistline, it will also benefit your kidneys.

Common Salt

Salt is one of the 6 foods that damage kidneys on a daily basis but the effects will only be seen in the far future.

Sodium makes up over 40% of table salt, which also includes dextrose and bleaching chemicals. Hypertension develops when the kidneys are unable to excrete enough water due to a shift in the sodium balance brought about by a diet heavy in salt. The kidneys are overworked and may develop illness as a result of this. In addition, protein in the urine increases with a salt-heavy diet, which is a big contributor to kidney disease. Make sure you don’t exceed 6 grammes of salt daily to maintain healthy kidneys.

Common Salt can hurt your kidenys
Drinking or taking caffeine can hurt your kidneys’
Caffeine has its own benefits for the body, but take it in moderation because it can affect your lungs. You may not be taking caffeine, but you may be drinking so-called energy drinks.

Kidney stones have been associated with caffeine use. In addition, if you already have kidney impairment, using coffee for an extended period of time might make your condition worse because it is a stimulant. Caffeine, even in tiny doses, when consumed on an empty stomach, can lead to kidney stones. Drinking tea and coffee in moderation is recommended. If you really must have coffee, decaf is your best bet; otherwise, try herbal teas.

Drinking or taking caffeine can hurt your kidenys
In order to accommodate the world’s rapidly expanding population, staple crops, including maize, wheat, and soy, have undergone genetic modification. Their high pesticide and herbicide content makes them harmful to the liver and kidneys. Rats given a genetically modified (GM) diet for 30, 60, or 90 days had substantially elevated blood creatinine and uric acid contents, according to the research.

However, in order to avoid bone thinning and maintain healthy, young bones, your kidneys and liver must filter out the “foreign” compounds found in genetically modified organisms.

6 foods you love and eat that damage your kidneys with joy
Stay away from animal protein.
Avoid eating a lot of protein if you have renal disease. Because of their high protein content, dairy products such as milk and cheese fall under this category as well. No matter what kind of animal it comes from—cow, sheep, or goat—protein may be quite acidifying. Hence, the excretion of calcium in the urine is enhanced after consuming milk and other dairy products. Depleting your bones of calcium in this way “ages” them and places a great strain on your kidneys. Stay away from too much animal protein, which is one of the 6 foods that damage kidneys.

Finally, you know what is damaging your kidneys at your bling side. Take steps now.

Now that you know the 6 foods you love and eat that damage your kidneys with joy, you know what to do. Avoid them or eat in moderation.

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