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Accept Herbal Medicines In Hospitals-Government Told



Chief executive officer (CEO) and Managing Director for Amagashie Herbal Center, Dr Samuel Amagashie has made called on government to make arrangements for both hospitals and herbal clinic to work together to improve health system in the country.

According him, the medical doctors normally speaking against the use of herbal medicine for treatment meanwhile, some sickness needs herbal remedies to be healed whiles others needs hospital drugs.

He stated also that, some disease has spiritual background and can only be treated with herbal medicine but not hospital drugs and all these things should be considered.

He stressed again that, all drugs used at hospitals are derived from herbs and most of them are taking from Ghana for processing and because the white men want to kill our culture and our goodies, they have brought in weedicides to get ride of our herbs without the knowing of our leaders and they’ve also welcomed them.

He called on government to make arrangements for the hospital to accept herbal drugs in hospital by having inter reference processes where herbal clinic will refer their patients to hospital and vice versa when the issues are not in their field to improve quality healthcare in the country.

*Report By Nana Nyarko*

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