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Ahafo Ano South – West NPP Rejects Philanthropist Donation To Furnish Constituency Office Because Of Power Play

The Ahafo Ano South West Constituency Executives of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has denied a philanthropist and member of the party  access to the constituency office to present an office items to the party.Mr. Charles Owusu Ansah, the philanthropist, explained to the media that, prior to the event, he consulted constituency Chairman and his secretary, one Evans Antwi Sarpong of his intended initiative, and they gave him the go ahead to bring the items because the office is handicapped when it’s comes to office equipments and other logistics.According to him, he again  sent a letter to the office through the constituency secretary upon a discussion with the chairman and a day was fixed dated Monday  10th of June 2019.He stated that, his outfit and the chairman was cordial until Sunday 9th June when the chairman started rejecting his calls sensing that, the incumbent Member of Parliament was in town  alleging, he could be behind the plot to reject the items, until he used a different number before he the chairman answer his call, just to tell him the executives were to attend a regional meeting in Kumasi the very morning that he was preparing to present the items, hence they would not be able to received them. Meanwhile, Mr Owusu disclosed that on that morning he saw  the constituency first Vice Chairman, Nasara coordinator, Youth organizer were in town to have received the items on behalf of the constituency, yet nobody attended to him while the party office too was locked up.Moreover, he and his friends do justice to themselves went ahead to the office as scheduled with the chairman to see that the office was locked up and no single executive was there received the items.He disclosed that, they had no any options than sending the equipments back, waiting and hoping that any other day the executives would  open up to receive the items to be receive them he is ready to do so.Meanwhile, Evans Sarpong Antwi, the constituency secretary admitted the executives unable to receive the items not because of his alleged intention to contest the incumbent MP deliberate attempts to stop him from which ever reason he wanted to present them.He said timing was not favourable, says the notice to the executives to present the items was too short, which was also coincided with their invitation to attended a regional meting.He stressed that,  they could not have any reason to stop the regional meeting which is in the interest of the whole  party in the name of  receiving the items.Meanwhile, he disclosed that, there is a rumor going rounds that, Mr. Charles Owusu Ansah was already visiting some of the polling stations executives in the various communities, which he said against the party rules and regulations, hence about to write him a Quiry ,because until the headquarters approval, nobody with intentions to contest as parliamentary candidate has no right to do so.Some of the items to be presented to the office included Printer with photocopier, set of desktop computers, an executive Swevil chair, a 3-drawer office desk. Source Foster 

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