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Alan Cash Excites CCC Congregation, Promises God’s Favour For Ghana In 2023



Hon Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng,  Ghana’s Trade Minister has assured Ghanaians of a better 2023, adding that God’s grace still abounds.

Addressing congregants at Calvary Charismatic Center (CCC), a famous Charismatic church in Kumasi at the church’s 31st watch night service on Saturday, the Trade Minister said God has spared the country the calamity that struck the world as a result of the Russia- Ukraine war and other economic issues.

He noted that unlike most developed countries that queued to buy fuel, bread and cooking oil, God had showed Ghana mercy for it to ride the stormy economic conditions.

“God spared Ghana  the sorry sight that had people queue for fuel, bread and cooking oil in the United Kingdom,  United States of America ,  France  and Germany  and this shows that his mercies endure for us”, the Minister stated.

The Trade Minister expressed hope that God would grant the country better times in the year 2023.

He noted that the last month of December in 2022 proved God’s faithfulness to the Ghanaian people with the cedi rising and things returning to normalcy.

Hon Kyeremateng said he foresees better times for Ghana and urged the CCC leader, Reverend Ransford Obeng and the church to pray for the government and the country.

“I know God is with us and for some of us we are hopeful of a better 2023 and we appeal to Ghanaians to also pray to support the government so that together we enjoy the goodness of God in the new year”, the Trade Minister pleaded.

Preaching the sermon earlier, Reverend Ransford Obeng said no matter difficult the economic conditions may be in the new year, God would help Christians to ride the storm.

He noted every prediction from economic experts say that 2023 would be a more challenging year.

Reverend Obeng said that just as it was totally impossible to dream that an Israeli could become a governor in Egypt 🇪🇬,  God made it possible by using Joseph to accomplish that.

Praying for Alan Kyeremateng and his team that had visited the church, Rev Obeng said Ghanaians needed jobs and cash and that anyone who was promising that would enjoy the church’s support.

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